The Vince Chiarelli Combo is a continuing legacy of The Vince Chiarelli Combo from the 1950′s through the 1970′s. He has continued to make his voice heard by writing his own music, but also continuing to play the great songs written by his grandfather. Vince continues to play the Italian music that was taught to him by his grandfather. In addition to playing authentic Italian and Sicilian music, Vince plays classic standards, lounge music, & other popular hits from artists such as, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tom Jones, & many more.

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Back of the Class - Back of the Class - Single


Upcoming Shows

Oct. 10th – Bella Vista Caffe & Social Club in La Jolla, CA

Oct. 11th – Little Itlay San Diego Mercado

Oct. 12th – San Diego Little Italy FESTA!

Oct. 18th – Private Wedding

Oct. 24th – Discovery Center Fundraiser

Past Shows 2014

Mar. 6th – Francesca’s Bellezza
April 11th – BMO Harris Bank Center for Art Scene
April 25th & 26th – Corleone’s Speakeasy
May 30th – Rockford City Market with Frank Calvagna
June 5th – Francesca’s Bellezza 
June 13th – Studio Winery
June 14th – Festa Pasta Vino 
June 15th – Festa Pasta Vino 
June 22nd – Studio Winery
June 26th – Franchesco’s with Frank Calvagna on the Patio
June 27th – Corporate Party – Cedar Rapids, IA
June 28th – Candlewick – Private Anniversary Party
June 28th – Dion, Roy & The Boys
July 4th – Corleone’s Speakeasy
July 5th – Corleone’s Speakeasy
July 9th – Prairie Street Brewhouse with Frank Calvagna
July 10th – Franchesco’s Ristorante
July 18th-20th – Milwaukee Festa Italiana at Summerfest Grounds
July 24th – Care-Age of Brookfield Private Party
July 25th-26th – Des Moines Festa Italiana
Aug. 7th – Franchesco’s Patio with Frank Calvagna Spanish Guitar
Aug. 9th – Private Wedding
Aug. 10th – Peoria Festa Italiana
Aug. 17th – Taylor St. Festa Italiana
Aug. 20th – Oak Creek Community Center with Frank Calvagna Spanish Guitar
Aug. 21st – Francesca’s Bellezza 
Sep. 5th – Rockford City Market
Sep. 7th – Wine Tasting in Monroe, WI
Sep. 24th – Franchesco’s Ristorante
Sep. 28th – Private Anniversary Party

Past Shows 2013

Jan. 4th – Aliano’s Ristorante
Feb. 1st – Kryptonite Bar
Feb. 2nd – Aliano’s Ristorante
Feb 9th – Bistro 108
Feb. 14th – Toni’s of Winnebago 
Feb. 19th – Vince’s Pizza in Monroe
Feb 23rd – Trio Grille 
Mar. 1st – Nicholas Conservatory
Mar. 6th – Abreo Restaurant
Mar. 9th – Toni’s of Winnebago 
Apr. 13th – Toni’s of Winnebago 
Apr. 16th – Clock Tower Resort – Tinker Visions Luncheon
Apr. 19th –  Private Party – Coronado Theater
Apr. 20th – Aliano’s Ristorante
May 5th – Private Party – Lino’s
May 24th –  Abreo with Frank Calvagna
May 31st – Abreo
June 7th – Nicholas Conservatory First Friday
June 8th – Toni’s of Winnebago 
June 12th – Fon Du Lac Lunchtime Live
June 15th – Festa Pasta Vino 
June 16th – Festa Pasta Vino 
June 21st – Abreo
June 27th – Francesca’s Bellezza 
July 5th – Octane Interlounge – First Friday
July 12th – Rockford City Market
July 12th – Abreo – 830PM
July 13th – Toni’s of Winnebago 
July 19th – The Brink Lounge of Madison
July 27th – Italian American Heritage Festival of Iowa
July 31st- Fon Du Lac Lunchtime Live
Aug. 3rd – Festa Italiana Rockford
Aug. 7th – Nicholas Conservatory Tunes on the Terrace
Aug. 10th – On State Restaurant
Aug. 11th – Italian Fest of Peoria
Aug. 16th – Abreo
Aug. 17th & 18th – Little Italy Fest of Addison
Aug. 24th – Toni’s of Winnebago 
Aug. 28th – Fon Du Lac Lunchtime Live
Sep. 7th – Fondue Festival
Sep. 14th – Greenwich Art Fair
Sep. 14th – Block 5 Festival
Sep. 18th – Mexico Classico with Frank Calvagna
Sep. 20th – ItalianFest Collinsville, Illinois
Sep. 21th – ItalianFest Collinsville, Illinois
Sep. 27th – Abreo
Sep. 28th – Toni’s of Winnebago 
Oct. 5th – On State Restaurant
Oct. 12th – GRIAA Hall of Fame Award Banquet
Oct. 17th – Jazz at Emerson
Oct. 18th – Abreo
Oct. 19th – On State Restaurant
Oct. 24 – Francesca’s Bellezza 
Oct. 26th – Bella Food and Spirits
Oct. 30th – On State Restaurant
Nov. 1st – JustGoods Listening Room
Nov. 6th – On State
Nov. 8th – Mendelssohn PAC
Nov. 13th – On State Restaurant
Nov. 15th –  Abreo Restaurant
Nov. 16th – Toni’s of Winnebago 
Nov. 22nd – Abreo Restaurant
Nov. 27th – On State Restaurant
Dec. 3rd – Private Xmas Party
Dec. 6th – Private Party
Dec. 7th – Aglio
Dec. 14th – Toni’s of Winnebago 
Dec. 31st – Aglio – New Years Eve Party

Other Past Shows/Venues



Watch this video about Vince and his grandfather produced by Our City Our Story. For more video’s, keep scrolling down or click HERE!


Vince playing his grandfather’s song “Play, Play Guitar” for the Worlatron Custom Made Guitar Night

For more video’s, click HERE!